Narciso González Medina VIII. RIGHTS TO JUDICIAL GUARANTEES AND TO JUDICIAL PROTECTION, IN RELATION TO ARTICLES 7, 5, 4, 3, 1(1) AND 2 OF THE CONVENTION TO THE DETRIMENT OF NARCISO GONZÁLEZ MEDINA AND HIS FAMILY A. Introduction B. Arguments of the parties and of the Inter-American Commission C. General considerations of the Court D. Background: investigations conducted by the Police Board and the Joint Board E. Lack of due diligence in the investigations conducted by the Investigating Court, the Review Chamber, and the Public Prosecution Service E.1) Investigation by the Investigating Court, and the Santo Domingo Review E.1.a) Lack of due diligence in the integral investigation of the elements that constituted forced disappearance E.1.b) Omission to follow up on logical lines of investigation and to gather evidence E.1.c) Domestic Legal Effects (Article 2 of the American Convention) E.2) Reopening of the investigation by the Public Prosecution Service F. Reasonable time of the investigations G. Right to know the truth IX. X. XI. 196-266 196-197 198-201 202-213 214-219 220-254 224-246 227-231 232-241 242-246 247-254 255-262 263 RIGHT TO PERSONAL INTEGRITY, IN RELATION TO THE OBLIGATION TO RESPECT AND ENSURE THE RIGHTS OF NARCISO GONZÁLEZ MEDINA’S FAMILY A. Arguments of the parties and of the Inter-American Commission B. Considerations of the Court 267-275 REPARATIONS (APPLICATION OF ARTICLE 63(1) OF THE AMERICAN CONVENTION) A. Injured party B. Obligation to investigate the facts that gave rise to the violations and to identify, prosecute and, as appropriate, punish those responsible, as well as to determine the whereabouts of the victim C. Other measures of integral reparation: rehabilitations and satisfaction, and guarantees of non-repetition D. Compensation E. Costs and expenses F. Reimbursement of the expenses to the Victims’ Legal Assistance Fund G. Means of complying with the payments ordered 276-338 OPERATIVE PARAGRAPHS 267-269 270-275 281 282-291 292-309 310-320 321-329 330-332 333-338 339 3

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