Inter-American Court of Human Rights
Case of Castillo-Páez v. Peru
Judgment of November 3, 1997

In the Castillo Páez Case,

The Inter-American Court of Human Rights, composed of the following judges (*):
Hernán Salgado-Pesantes, President;
Antônio A. Cançado Trindade, Vice President;
Héctor Fix-Zamudio, Judge;
Alejandro Montiel-Argüello, Judge;
Máximo Pacheco-Gómez, Judge; and
Alirio Abreu-Burelli, Judge;
also present:
Manuel E. Ventura-Robles, Secretary, and
Víctor M. Rodríguez-Rescia, Interim Deputy Secretary,

pursuant to Articles 29 and 55 of the Rules of Procedure of the Inter-American Court of
Human Rights (hereinafter "the Inter-American Court" or "the Court"), delivers the following
judgment in the instant case.
On January 13, 1995, the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (hereinafter
"the Commission" or "the Inter-American Commission") submitted to this Court a Case
against the Republic of Peru (hereinafter "the State" or "Peru) which originated in petition
No. 10.733, received at the Secretariat of the Commission on November 16, 1990. In its
petition, the Commission invoked Articles 50 and 51 of the American Convention on Human
Judge Oliver Jackman recused himself in this case because he had participated in several stages of the
Case during its consideration by the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights when he was a member of the

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