TABLE OF CONTENTS Chapter Paragraphs I INTRODUCTION OF THE CASE AND PURPOSE OF THE DISPUTE II PROCEEDINGS BEFORE THE COURT 1-4 5-11 III COMPETENCE 12 IV EVIDENCE 13 A) Documentary, testimonial expert evidence 14-15 B) Admission of the evidence B.1) Admission of the documentary evidence 16-25 B.2) Admission of the statement of the presumed victim and of the testimonial and expert evidence 26-33 V THE FACTS OF THE CASE A) Preliminary considerations 34-55 B) Background 56-59 C) Arrest, judicial deprivation of liberty and criminal proceedings 60-86 D) Sentence and conviction and waiver of the right of appeal 87-89 E) Alternative measure of serving the sentence under an open regime, and subsequent flight F) Detention conditions and deterioration in Mr. Díaz Peña’s health 90 91-108 VI PRELIMINARY OBJECTION OF FAILURE TO EXHAUST DOMESTIC REMEDIES A) Arguments of the parties and of the Inter-American Commission 109-113 B) Considerations of the Court 114-127 VII MERITS: RIGHT TO PERSONAL INTEGRITY IN RELATION TO THE OBLIGATIONS TO RESPECT AND GUARANTEE THE RIGHTS 128 A) Arguments of the Commission and the parties 129-134 B) Considerations of the Court 135-141 VIII REPARATIONS (Application of Article 63(1) of the American Convention) 142-146 A) Injured party 147-150 B) Measures of integral reparation: satisfaction and guarantees of non-repetition 151-152 C) B.1) Satisfaction: publication and dissemination of the Judgment 153 B.2) Guarantees of non-repetition 154 B.3) Other measures requested 155-156 Compensation C.1) Pecuniary damage 157-161 C.2) Non-pecuniary damage 162-167 D) Costs and expenses 168-172 E) Method of complying with the payments ordered 173-178 IX OPERATIVE PARAGRAPHS 179 2

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