TABLE OF CONTENTS Paragraph I. INTRODUCTION OF THE CASE AND PURPOSE OF THE DISPUTE 1 II. PROCEEDINGS BEFORE THE COURT 4 III. COMPETENCE 15 IV PARTIAL ACKNOWLEDGMENT OF RESPONSIBILITY 17 V. PRELIMINARY OBJECTION OF LACK OF COMPETENCE RATIONE TEMPORIS A. Arguments of the parties and of the Inter-American Commission B. Considerations of the Court 29 29 34 VI. EVIDENCE A. Documentary, testimonial and expert evidence B. Admission of the evidence 40 41 42 VII. PRIOR CONSIDERATIONS A. Determination of the presumed victims B. Other facts and human rights violations alleged by the representatives 44 44 52 VIII. FACTS A. General context B. Background of the massacres of the community of Río Negro C. Massacre of March 4, 1980, in the chapel of the community of Río Negro and extrajudicial executions of July 8, 1980 D. Massacre of February 13, 1982, in the village of Xococ E. Massacre of March 13, 1982, on Cerro Pacoxom F. Massacre of May 14, 1982, in “Los Encuentros” G. Massacre of September 14, 1982, in Agua Fría H. Life in the mountains and the resettlement of the members of the Community of Río Negro in the Pacux Settlement I. Investigation, prosecution and punishment of those responsible for the massacres a. Massacres committed in the Río Negro chapel and at Los Encuentros b. Massacre committed in Xococ c. Massacres of Río Negro (Pacoxom) and Agua Fría c.1. Principal measures taken c.2. Exhumations c.3. Request for information from State authorities and measures taken to capture former colonel José Antonio González Solares 55 56 65 IX. RIGHTS TO PERSONAL LIBERTY AND INTEGRITY, TO LIFE AND TO JURIDICAL PERSONALITY OF THE MEMBERS OF THE RÍO NEGRO COMMUNITY WHO WERE FORCIBLY DISAPPEARED AND THE RIGHTS OF THE CHILDREN OF RÍO NEGRO WHO WERE FORCIBLY DISAPPEARED IN RELATION TO THE OBLIGATION TO RESPECT AND ENSURE RIGHTS A. Arguments of the parties and of the Inter-American Commission B. Forced disappearance as a multiple and continuing violation of human rights C. The forced disappearance of 17 people taken away by helicopter during the massacre perpetrated in Los Encuentros on May 14, 1982 2 68 70 76 80 81 82 84 88 89 92 92 102 106 109 109 112 122

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