The State ratified the American Convention on Human Rights on December 28,
1977, and accepted the contentious jurisdiction of the Court on July 24, 1985.
The Commission has designated Commissioner Fdinah Shelton and the
Executive Secretary Santiago. A Canton as its delegate Likewise, Elizabeth AbiMershed, Deputy Executive Secretary, Tatinana Gos and Karin Mansel, attorneys of the
Executive Secretariat of the IACHR, will serve as legal advisors.
In accordance with Article 35 of the Rules of Procedure of the Inter-American
Court, the Commission is enclosing a copy of Report 75/11, prepared in compliance with
Article 50 of the American Convention, as well as a copy of the entire file before the
Inter-American Commission (Appendix I), and the annexes used in drafting Report 75/11
Said report was notified to the Venezuelan State by means of
communication of July 26, 2011, granting it a period of two months to report on the
implementation of the recommendations.
In a communication dated September 15, 2011, the State of Ecuador presented a
brief on implementation of the recommendations where It stated that on August 9, 23,
and 30, 2011, working meetings of the Parties had taken place in Guayaquil, culminating
in the signing of an implementation agreement between the Ministry of Justice, Human
Rights, and Worship and Ms. Melba del Carmen Suárez Peralta. A schedule was
established for implementing the reparation measures recommended by the
Commission. The State asked the Commission to ratify that agreement
On October 10, 2011, the Commission received a communication from the State
requesting three more months to report on progress made with compliance with Report
No. 75/11 and stating its understanding that, if the extension is granted, the deadline set
in Article 51.1 of the American Convention on Human Rights will be suspended.
Furthermore, the State expressly waived its right to file any preliminary objection related
to the extemporaneous presentation of a possible suit before the Inter-American Court.
On October 24, 2011 the Commission notified the State the granting of the extension for
three months and requested that the State informed about the measures adopted to
comply with the recommendations of the Commission by January 5, 2012.
On January 18, 2012, the petitioners sent an email indicating that, based on the
lack of fulfillment of the first agreement of December 28, 2011, they re-signed another
agreement to comply with the recommendations of the Commission and it was set as the
date for the payment of compensation January 20, 2012.
On January 26, 2012, the State sent a communication in which he reported the
fulfillment of some requested actions and asked to consider THEM as an expressly
stated of willingness to comply with the recommendations contained in Report No.
75/11. In relation to the payment of the compensation, the State indicated that the
documents submitted by the petitioners justified only a fraction of the agreed amount
and that since the internal processes needs to be executed in the most possible and with
the justificatory correspondent, it will be requested to the representatives to provide
additional documentation to support an objective and forceful way the costs they have
incurred since 2001.
Additionally, the State informed that, under an inter-institutional meeting, it was
agreed that the Portfolio of Health would provide logistic facilities to attend Mrs. Melba

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