2 a) To investigate, identify and, possibly, punish the perpetrators and masterminds of the Plan de Sánchez Massacre (operative paragraph one of the Judgment on the Reparations); b) To deliver the text to the victims and publicize the American Convention, in Maya-Achí, in the Municipality of Rabinal (operative paragraph four of the Judgment on Reparations); c) To provide free medical and psychological treatment, and medications, to any victims that need them (operative paragraph seven of the Judgment on Reparations); d) To provide adequate housing to any survivors from the village of Plan de Sánchez who need it (operative paragraph eight of the Judgment on Reparations); e) To create the following programs in the affected communities: a) the study and dissemination of the Maya-Achí culture in the affected communities through the Guatemalan Academy of Mayan Languages, or a similar organization; b) the maintenance and improvement of the road network between the aforementioned communities and Rabinal, the municipal seat; c) provide a sewage system and drinkable water; d) provide teaching personnel for the affected communities who are trained in intercultural and bilingual teaching for primary, secondary and diversified education (operative paragraph nine of the Judgment on Reparations); and, f) To pay the compensation amount awarded in the Judgment, as pecuniary and non-pecuniary damages, to those individuals who were declared victims and are yet to receive full payment thereof, in conformity with Considering Clause 44 of the [...] Order (operative paragraphs ten, eleven, thirteen, fourteen and fifteen of the Judgment on Reparations). […] 4. The reports of the Republic of Guatemala (hereinafter, the "State" or "Guatemala") presented on January 7, August 18 and December 1, 2010, whereby it informed on the progress made regarding the status of compliance with the Judgment. 5. The briefs of the victims’ representatives (hereinafter, the “representatives”) received on March 15 and October 25, 2010, whereby they presented their observations on the state reports. 6. The brief of May 12, 2010, whereby the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (hereinafter "the Inter-American Commission" or "the Commission") submitted its observations on the state report of January 7, 2010. 7. The notes of the Court’s Secretariat (hereinafter, the “Secretariat”) of September 22 and November 27, 2009, whereby it reiterated to the State the request to present updated information on the points pending compliance. The communications of the Secretariat of July 6 and August 17, 2010 reiterated and asked the State to present documentation showing the proof of payment of the financial reparation, as well as documentation proving delivery of the translation of the American Convention on Human Rights (hereinafter, the “American Convention” or the “Convention”). 8. The communication of the Secretariat of February 25, 2010, whereby it was reiterated to the representatives that they had to present their observations on the State report of January 7, 2010. The communications of the Secretariat of March 17 and December 3, 2010, whereby it was reiterated to the Commission that it had to

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