Order of the
Inter-American Court of Human Rights
of April 28, 2009
Case of Cantoral-Huamaní and García-Santa Cruz v. Perú
(Monitoring of Compliance with Judgment)

The Judgment on preliminary objection, merits, reparations and costs
(hereinafter “the Judgment”) issued on July 10, 2007, whereby the Inter-American
Court of Human Rights (hereinafter “the Inter-American Court”, “the Court” or “the
Tribunal”) unanimously decided that:
The State shall immediately investigate the facts that generated the violations in the
present case, and identify, prosecute, and sanction those responsible, in the terms of paragraphs
189 to 191 of this judgment. The results of these proceedings shall be publicized by the State, so
that the Perúvian people may know the truth about the events and those responsible in this case.
The State shall, within six months of the notification of this Judgment, publish once, in the
Official Gazette and in another national daily newspaper, chapters VII to X of this Judgment,
without the corresponding footnotes, together with its operative paragraphs.
The State shall, within six months of the notification of this Judgment, publicly
acknowledge its international responsibility for the violations declared in this Judgment, to make
reparation to the victims and to provide satisfaction to their next of kin, in a widely publicized
public ceremony attended by authorities representing the State, and the next of kin who have been
declared victims in this Judgment, in the terms of paragraph 193 of this Judgment.
The State shall provide a study grant to a public institution for Ulises Cantoral- Huamaní,
Pelagia Mélida Contreras-Montoya de Cantoral, and the children of Saúl Cantoral- Huamaní, that
covers all their educational expenses, from the moment the beneficiaries request this of the State
until the conclusion of their advanced technical or university studies, in the terms of paragraph 194
of this Judgment.
The State shall provide for the continuation of the psychological treatment currently being
received by Vanessa and Brenda Cantoral-Contreras for the necessary period, and provide
immediate psychological treatment to the other next of kin who have been declared victims free of
charge and for the necessary period, in the terms of paragraphs 195 to 202 of this Judgment.

On January 22, 2007, Judge Diego García-Sayán excused himself from this case, “pursuant to
Article 19 of the Statute and 19 [currently 20] of the Rules”. The President of the Court at the time, in
consultation with the judges of the Court, decided to accept the recusation in view of the provisions of such
Articles and the analysis of the reasons put forward by Judge García-Sayán. Therefore, said Judge did not
take part in the debate and signing of the Judgment or of this Order.

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