IX. X. REPARATIONS (APPLICATION OF ARTICLE 63(1) OF THE AMERICAN CONVENTION)) A) Injured party B) Obligation to investigate the facts that gave rise to the violations and to identify, prosecute and punish, as appropriate, those responsible, as well as to determine the whereabouts of the victims B.1) Obligation to investigate the facts, and to identify, prosecute and punish, as appropriate, the perpetrators and masterminds B.2) Determination of the whereabouts of the disappeared victims C) Other measures of integral reparations: rehabilitation and satisfaction, and guarantees of non-repetition C.1) Rehabilitation: psychological or psychiatric treatment for the victims C.2) Satisfaction: publication and dissemination of the Judgment C.3) Measures to commemorate and honor the victims C.4) Guarantee of non-repetition C.5) Other measures requested D) Compensation D.1) Pecuniary damage D.2) Non-pecuniary damage E) Cost and expenses F) Method of complying with the payments ordered PUNTOS RESOLUTIVOS 320-390 325 326-336 326-330 331-336 337-356 337-340 341-342 343-349 350-354 355-356 357-375 357-367 368-375 376-383 384-390 391 ANNEX -3-

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