ORDER OF THE INTER-AMERICAN COURT OF HUMAN RIGHTS OF JUNE 26, 2012 CASE OF MEJÍA IDROVO v. ECUADOR MONITORING OF COMPLIANCE WITH JUDGMENT HAVING SEEN: 1. The Judgment on Preliminary Objections, Merits, Reparations and Costs (hereinafter “the Judgment”) issued by the Inter-American Court of Human Rights (hereinafter “the Inter-American Court” or “the Court”) on July 5, 2011, in which it ordered that: […] 2. The State shall issue the publications ordered in paragraphs 141 of [the] Judgment, in the manner and period indicated in said paragraph of this Judgment. 3. The State shall pay the amounts established in paragraphs 156 and 163, within the respective time limits, as compensation for pecuniary and non-pecuniary damages, and costs and expenses, under the terms and conditions indicated in paragraphs 150 to 155 and 161, 162 and 164 of the […] Judgment. 4. Within a period of one year as of notification of this Judgment, and for the purposes of monitoring compliance with the Judgment, the State shall submit to the Court a report on the measures adopted in compliance with the Judgment. […] 2. The briefs of December 23, 2011 and February 1, 2012, in which the Republic of Ecuador (hereinafter “the State” or “Ecuador”) submitted information on its compliance with the Judgment issued by the Court in this case (supra Having seen paragraph 1). 3. The brief of March 15, 2012, in which the representatives of the victim (hereinafter “the representatives”) presented their observations to the information provided by the State (supra Having seen paragraph 2). 4. The communication of April 17, 2012, in which the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (hereinafter “the Inter-American Commission” or “the Commission”) presented its observations to the information provided by the State and by the representatives (supra Having seen paragraph 2 and 3). CONSIDERING THAT: 1. It is an inherent power of the judicial functions of the Court to monitor compliance with its decisions.

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