A.3. Political rights 19 A.4. Right to work 19 B. Considerations of the Court 19 B.1. Specific guarantees to safeguard judicial independence and their applicability to prosecutors owing to the nature of their functions 19 B.2. The guarantee of tenure for provisional prosecutors 23 B.3. Analysis of this specific case 24 B.3.1 Appointment of Julio Casa Nina as a provisional prosecutor 24 B.3.2 Obligation to provide reasoned decisions, tenure, and termination of the appointment of Julio Casa Nina as a provisional prosecutor 25 B.3.3 Right to remain in the post under general conditions of equality 28 B.3.4 Failure to adapt domestic law in relation to the guarantee of tenure of prosecutors 28 B.3.5 Right to work 30 B.3.6 Alleged violation of the protection of honor and dignity and to equality before the law 32 B.3.7 General conclusion 32 VIII.2 RIGHT TO JUDICIAL PROTECTION IN RELATION TO THE OBLIGATIONS TO RESPECT AND TO ENSURE RIGHTS 32 A. Arguments of the Commission and the parties 32 B. Considerations of the Court 33 IX REPARATIONS 34 A. Injured party 35 B. Measures of restitution 35 C. Measures of satisfaction 36 D. Guarantees of non-repetition 36 E. Compensation 37 E.1 Pecuniary damage 38 E.2 Non-pecuniary damage 39 F. Costs and expenses 41 G. Reimbursement of expenses to the Victim’s Legal Assistance Fund definido. H. Method of compliance with the payments ordered X OPERATIVE PARAGRAPHS ¡Error! Marcador no 42 ¡ERROR! MARCADOR NO DEFINIDO. 3

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