Order of the President
of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights
of May 18, 2009
Case of DaCosta Cadogan v. Barbados
Having Seen:
The application submitted by the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights
(hereinafter “the Inter-American Commission” or “the Commission”) to the Inter-American
Court of Human Rights (hereinafter “the Inter-American Court”, “the Court,” or “the
Tribunal”) on October 31, 2008, in which it offered the testimony of one “witness”.
The brief containing pleadings, motions, and evidence (hereinafter “the
representatives’ brief”) submitted by the representatives of the alleged victim (hereinafter
“the representatives”) on January 16, 2009, by which they offered the testimony of one
“witness” and the reports of three expert witnesses.
The communication of January 22, 2009, by which the Secretariat of the Court
(hereinafter “the Secretariat”) informed the representatives that “the Court w[ould] timely
assess the necessity of requesting the affidavits and reports that were not submitted at
th[at] procedural juncture.”
The brief containing preliminary objections, the answer to the application, and
observations to the representatives’ brief, received on March 17, 2009, in which the
Illustrious State of Barbados (hereinafter “the State” or “Barbados”) proposed two expert
The communication of March 27, 2009, by which the Secretariat, pursuant to
instructions of this Presidency, asked the State to submit to the Court the curricula vitae of
its proposed expert witnesses, Anthony V. Grant and Dr. Brian MacLachlan, and requested
that the Commission and the representatives submit written briefs on the preliminary
objections presented by the State (supra Having Seen para. 4).
The communications of April 20, 2009, in which the Secretariat, following the
instructions of this Presidency, requested the Inter-American Commission, the
representatives of the alleged victim and the State to submit, no later than April 29, 2009,
their definitive lists of witnesses and expert witnesses. Additionally, for reasons of
procedural economy, the parties were requested to indicate the witnesses and expert
witnesses that could submit their declarations through sworn statements (affidavits),

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