I. REPORT No. 83/18 PETITION 455-13 REPORT ON ADMISSIBILITY JOSÉ ANTONIO GUTIÉRREZ NAVAS ET AL HONDURAS July 17, 2018 INFORMATION ABOUT THE PETITION Petitioner: Alleged victims: Respondent State: Rights invoked: II. PROCEDURE BEFORE THE IACHR 4 Filing of the petition: Additional information received at the stage of initial review: Notification of the petition to the State: State’s first response: Additional observations from the petitioner: Additional observations from the State: III. José Antonio Gutiérrez Navas, Rosalinda Cruz Sequeira, José Francisco Ruiz Gaekel, Gustavo Enrique Bustillo Palma, Centro Latinoamericano de Derechos Humanos 1 José Antonio Gutiérrez Navas et al. 2 Honduras Articles 5 (Humane Treatment), 8 (Fair Trial), 9 (Freedom from Ex Post Facto Laws), 11 (Privacy), 23 (Participation in Government) and 25 (Judicial Protection) of the American Convention on Human Rights 3 , in connection with Article 1.1 thereof COMPETENCE Competence Ratione personae: Competence Ratione loci: Competence Ratione temporis: Competence Ratione materiae: February 5, 2013 July 8, September 30, December 26, 2013; February 21, July 24, November 28, December 1 and 29, 2014; January 8, October 22, 2015; September 13, 2016 January 9, 2017 April 21, 2017 July 18, September 22, 2017; January 8 and June 20, 2018 December 18, 2017; May 7, 2018 Yes Yes Yes Yes; American Convention (deposit of ratification instrument on September 8, 1977) IV. DUPLICATION OF PROCEDURES AND INTERNATIONAL RES JUDICATA, COLORABLE CLAIM, EXHAUSTION OF DOMESTIC REMEDIES AND TIMELINESS OF THE PETITION Duplication of procedures and International res judicata: No On July 6, 2018 Mrs. Clovis Treviño informed the IACHR that she would no longer continue as a petitioner. Rosalinda Cruz Sequeira, José Francisco Ruiz Gaekel and Gustavo Enrique Bustillo Palma. 3 Hereinafter “Convention” or “American Convention.” 4 The observations submitted by each party were duly transmitted to the opposing party. 1 2 1

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