4 Delgado had held a teaching post; the marriage certificate of Natividad Delgado and José Manuel Caballero; a copy of the registration of Iván Andrés Caballero-Parra's birth; and extrajudicial statement from Dexy Pinto-Rangel, José Froylán Suárez-Badillo and Cleotilde Caballero-Delgado to the effect that Mr. Caballero-Delgado and María Nodelia Parra had lived together for the past eleven years; a copy of a Colombian mortality chart, an education project of the Isidro Caballero-Delgado Departmental High School, and documents relating to expenses. 9. On June 28, 1996, the President requested the Government to submit the following documents indicated by the Inter-American Commission: the decree establishing Colombia's legal minimum wage for 1996; certification on the salary that Isidro Caballero-Delgado would have earned in 1996 at the appropriate teacher's grade; the mortality chart of insured persons in Colombia, endorsed by the Office of the Superintendent of Banks on March 19, 1990; and the norms governing relations of kinship in Colombia and the manner in which they are substantiated, all of which were submitted by the Government. 10. On August 27, 1996, the State informed the Court that Mr. Jaime Bernal-Cuéllar would no longer serve as its Agent in the instant case, and on September 5, 1996, it appointed Marcela Briceño-Donn to serve as its Agent, and Felipe Piquero-Villegas as its Alternate Agent. 11. On September 4, 1996, the Inter-American Commission submitted to the Court a copy of a communication it had received from the representatives of the victims in the case, in which the representatives requested the Commission to recuse Judge ad hoc Nieto-Navia on the ground that he was not competent to hear the case, his having been a titular Judge of the Court at the time the judgment on the merits was delivered. On September 7, 1996, the Court merely noted the submission of the document, since the Commission had not expressed an opinion on the request in its communication. 12. On September 7, 1996, the Court held a public hearing at its seat to listen to the parties' views on the reparations and costs. There appeared: for the State of Colombia: Marcela Briceño-Donn, Agent; Felipe Piquero-Villegas, Alternate Agent; and Luis Manuel Lasso, Adviser; for the Commission: Robert Goldman, Delegate; Domingo Acevedo, Attorney; Manuel Velasco-Clark, Attorney; Gustavo Gallón-Giraldo, Assistant; José Miguel Vivanco, Assistant; and Ariel Dulitzky, Assistant. At that hearing, the Government produced the following documentary evidence: information on norm relating to the payment of punitive damages against the Colombian State, draft laws containing the legal definition of the forced disappearance of persons and provisions for its suppression, as well as sundry other illustrative reports and drafts.

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