Inter-American Court of Human Rights

Case of Caballero-Delgado and Santana v. Colombia

Judgment of December 8, 1995

In the case of Caballero-Delgado and Santana,
the Inter-American Court of Human Rights, composed of the following judges:
Héctor Fix-Zamudio, President
Hernán Salgado-Pesantes, Vice President
Rafael Nieto-Navia, Judge
Alejandro Montiel-Argüello, Judge
Máximo Pacheco-Gómez, Judge
also present,
Manuel E. Ventura-Robles, Secretary, and
Ana María Reina, Deputy Secretary
pursuant to Article 45(1) of the Rules of Procedure (hereinafter "the Rules of
Procedure") of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights (hereinafter "the Court"),
delivers the following judgment in the instant case.
On December 24, 1992, the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights
(hereinafter "the Commission" or the "the Inter-American Commission") submitted
to this Court a case against the Republic of Colombia (hereinafter "the Government"
or "Colombia"). The case originated on April 4, 1989 in a "request for urgent action"
sent on that date to the Commission and in a petition (Nº 10.319) against Colombia
received at the Secretariat of the Commission on April 5, 1989. The Inter-American
Commission appointed Leo Valladares-Lanza as its Delegate before the Court and
Edith Márquez-Rodríguez and Manuel Velasco-Clark as Assistants. Moreover, it
named as legal counsel Gustavo Gallón-Giraldo, María Consuelo del Río, Jorge
Gómez-Lizarazo, Juan E. Méndez and José Miguel Vivanco.

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