REPORT Nº 16/98
CASE 11.324


1. On July 1, 1994, the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights received a petition
denouncing the alleged detention and disappearance of Mr. Narciso González at the hands of
agents of the Dominican Republic.
2. The Commission initiated proceedings in the case in accordance with its regulations. As part of
these proceedings, the parties appeared at a hearing it held on February 25, 1998, in an attempt
to seek a friendly settlement.
3. At that hearing, the parties agreed to wait for one month in consideration of the efforts to
settle the matter.
4. At the Commission's 98th session, held in February and March 1998, it decided to publish the
present report of admissibility which was approved in 1996.


5. According to the information in case file No. 11,324, on May 26, 1994, Narciso González was
detained and disappeared clandestinely at the hands of Dominican military troops as he was
leaving one of the movie theaters at the "Doble" Cinema located in the city of Santo Domingo.
6. The petitioners state that Narciso González, a Dominican national, was working as a
journalist, attorney, and university professor in the School of Humanities at the Universidad
Autónoma de Santo Domingo (UASD), and he was well known for the work he performed in
promotion of local socio-cultural and human rights community groups.
7. According to the petitioners, Narciso González was arrested because of the various activities
he performed in defiance of the authorities of the Dominican Republic, and to contest the
elections held on May 16, 1994.
8. On the precise day he was detained, in fact, Professor González had appeared at the main
office of the University to present to the members of the University Council a statement in which
he condemned the alleged electoral fraud that occurred during the May 16, 1994 elections.
Moreover, in the April-May issue of the magazine La Muralla, Narciso González had sharply
criticized the May 16, 1994 electoral process.
9. The petitioners maintain that, according to information received, Narciso González was being
detained at the facilities of the J-2, a military agency located outside the city of Santo Domingo,
despite the fact that the Chief of the National Police and high officials have denied that report.
10. The petitioners indicate that to date, Professor González has not reappeared, and that the
government of the Dominican Republic has not investigated and cleared up the matter. On May
28, 1994, a complaint was filed with the National Police in an attempt to determine the
whereabouts of Narciso González, but the action undertaken pursuant to this complaint proved
fruitless and ineffective.


11. On July 6, 1994, the Commission initiated proceedings on the petition and opened a file on
the case, assigning it number 11,324.


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