In a brief of March 23, 1995, the Government appointed Mario Cavagnaro-Basile as
Agent and on the following day it reported that it had appointed Julio Mazuelos-Coello as
Alternate Agent. On September 23, 1995, the Government appointed Iván Fernández-López
as Advisor.
By communication of March 15, 1995, received at the Secretariat on March 24, 1995,
in accordance with Article 31(1) of the Rules of Procedure, the Government submitted a brief
containing its preliminary objections; they included “failure to exhaust domestic remedies”
(in capitals in the original) and “inadmissibility of the petition” (in capitals in the original).
By note of March 24, 1995, received on April 3, 1995, the Government submitted a brief
supporting the preliminary objections.
In the same brief the Government, pursuant to Article 31(4) of the Rules of Procedure,
asked the Court “to declare the suspension of the proceedings on the merits until such time
as the objections presented are resolved.” By Order of May 17, 1995, the Court declared
“the request from the Government of Peru to suspend the proceedings on the merits of the
case to be inadmissible and that it would continue processing the case in its distinct
procedural stages” since the suspension sought did not correspond to an “exceptional
situation” and no arguments had been presented in justification.
On April 27, 1995, the Commission submitted an application to the Court, in which it
asked that the preliminary objections raised by the Government be declared inadmissible;
on the following day it submitted its answer to the Government's preliminary objections. For
its part, Peru submitted to the Court another brief dated June 13, 1995, concerning the
aforementioned objections.

On May 8, 1995, the Government submitted its answer to the brief.

10. By Order of May 20, 1995, the President decided to summon the parties to a public
hearing to be held at the seat of the Court on September 12, 1995. The Commission orally
requested a postponement of the hearing, and the President, by Order of June 30, 1995,
changed the original date of the public hearing, setting it for September 23 to hear the
parties' comments on the preliminary objections presented by the Government.
11. On June 13, 1995, the Government submitted another brief, received on June 27,
concerning “the allegedly extemporaneous filing of the preliminary objections.” By note of
August 23, 1995, the Commission requested that the Court consider that brief from the
Government “not to have been presented and decide to expunge it from the records.” By
letter of September 18, 1995, the President declared that the Government's brief of June 27
“has been consider[ed] by the Court and it was decided that the Tribunal would evaluate it in
due course.”
12. The public hearing took place at the seat of the Court on September 23, 1995, at
which there appeared
for the Government of Peru:
Mario Cavagnaro-Basile, Agent
Iván Fernández-López, Advisor;

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