considered victims in this case, in the Merits Report the Inter-American Commission found violations to the detriment of Sebastian Claus Furlan; his parents, Danilo Furlan and Susana Fernández; his brother, Claudio Erwin Furlan, and his sister, Sabina Eva Furlan. After the adoption of the report on the merits, the petitioners reiterated the information of the next-of-kin who were affected by the violations listed in the report. Also, they added the names of Diego Germán and Adrian Nicholas Furlan, and Laura Sarto, sons and wife respectively, of Sebastian Claus Furlan and Stefano Paul, son of Sabina Eva Furlan. Finally, the Commission offers the following expert declarations that concern issues of the inter-American public interest in relation to this case: 1. To be defined, who will testify about the Argentine legal framework governing civil actions against the State, the stages and procedural time limits, including the implementation of a favorable decision ordering compensation by the State. The expert witness report will refer to whether if in the framework of such processes an expedite or differential treatment is expected, when the interests at stake require an answer in order to protect fundamental rights. It will also refer to the main problems that generate delays in decision-making and in the realization of the reparations ordered in the light of international obligations of the State. 2. Alejandro Morlachetti, who will testify on the International standards in the field of judicial protection of children in the situation of disability and special measures to be taken when the outcome of the judicial debate is related to their right to personal integrity. The report will also refer to the application of these standards to the facts of the case. The curricula vitae of the experts proposed by the Inter-American Commission are attached. Finally, the petitioner expressed the victims’ interest in the submission of the present case to the Inter-American Court. Their contact information is: Danilo Pedro Furlan xxxxxxxxxxxxxx (1702) Ciudadela Provincia de Buenos Aires, República Argentina Tel/Fax: +54-11-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Please allow me to greet you and express my appreciation. Signed in the original Santiago A. Canton Executive Secretary

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