2 forth in said paragraphs[;] 5. [t]he State shall provide medical and psychological care to the victim through the State’s health services, including the provision of free medication, as set forth in paragraph 168 of [the] Judgment[;] 6. [t]he State shall reinstate María Teresa De La Cruz Flores to the job that she was performing as a medical professional in public institutions at the time of her detention, as set forth in paragraph 169 of [the] judgment[;] 7. [t]he State shall provide María Teresa De La Cruz Flores with a grant for training and professional development, as set forth in paragraph 170 of [the] judgment[;] 8. [t]he State shall re-enter María Teresa De La Cruz Flores in the relevant retirement register, as set forth in paragraph 171 of [the] Judgment[;] 9. [t]he State shall publish in the Official Gazette and in another daily newspaper with national circulation the section entitled “Proven Facts” as well as operative paragraphs 1 to 3 of the declaratory part of [the] Judgment, in accordance with paragraph 173 [thereof;] 10. [t]he State shall pay the amount specified in paragraph 178 of [the] Judgment to María Teresa De La Cruz Flores for costs and expenses, as set forth in said paragraph[;] 11. [t]he State shall pay the compensation, reimburse the costs and expenses, and adopt the measures ordered in paragraphs 168 to 171 and 173 of [the] Judgment, within one year following notice thereof, as indicated in paragraph 179[;] 12. [t]he State shall deposit the compensation awarded to the minor, Danilo Alfredo Blanco De La Cruz, in a bank investment in his name, in a reputable Peruvian institution, in United States dollars or in the currency of the State, at the discretion of the minor’s legal representative, within one year, and under the most favorable financial terMs. permitted by law and banking practice, while he remains a minor, as set forth in paragraph 183 of [the] Judgment[;] 13. [t]he State may discharge its pecuniary obligations by tendering United States dollars or an equivalent amount in the currency of the State, at the New York, USA, exchange rate between both currencies, as quoted on the day prior to the day payment is made, as set forth in paragraph 184 of [the] Judgment[;] 14. [t]he amounts awarded in [the] Judgment as compensation for pecuniary and non pecuniary damage and for costs and expenses shall not be affected, reduced, or conditioned by tax reasons, now existing or hereafter arising, as set forth in paragraph 185 [thereof;] 15. [s]hould the State fall into arrears, interest shall be paid on any amount due at the Peruvian bank default interest rate, as set forth in paragraph 186 of [the] Judgment[;] 16. [i]f the beneficiaries of compensation are unable to receive the payments ordered within the specified one-year period due to causes attributable to them, the State shall deposit said amounts into an account or certificate of deposit in the name of the beneficiaries with a reputable Peruvian financial institution, as set forth in paragraph 182 of [the] Judgment[, and] 17. […] shall monitor full compliance with [the] Judgment and the instant case shall be closed once the State has fully complied with the provisions laid out [t]herein. Within one year of the date of notice of [the] Judgment, the State shall furnish the Court with the first report on the measures adopted in compliance therewith, as set forth in paragraph 187 of [said] Judgment.

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