-2“Colombia”), originating in complaint No. 12,250, received by the Secretariat of the
Commission on October 6, 1999.
The Commission filed the application in this case for the Court to decide
whether the State breached Articles 4 (Right to Life), 5 (Right to Humane Treatment)
and 7 (Right to Personal Liberty), to the detriment of the alleged victims of the
massacre committed in Mapiripán, stated in the application. The Commission also
asked the Court to decide whether the State abridged Articles 8(1) (Right to Fair
Trial) and 25 (Right to Judicial Protection) of the Convention, in combination with
Article 1(1) (Obligation to Respect Rights) of said treaty, to the detriment of the
alleged victims of the massacre and their next of kin. When the application was
filed, the Commission pointed out that “approximately 49 persons” were the alleged
victims, of whom it identified the following ten and some of their next of kin, also
listed below:
1. Sinaí Blanco Santamaría and his next of kin:
Nory Giraldo de Jaramillo (common-law spouse) and
Carmen Johana Jaramillo Giraldo (daughter).
Blanca Lilia Ardila Castañeda (wife),
Yudi Sirley Blanco Ardila (daughter),
Arbey Blanco Ardila (son),
María Isabel Blanco Ortiz (daughter).
2. Antonio María Barrera and his next of kin:
Viviana Barrera Cruz (daughter)
3. Enrique Pinzón López; 4. Jorge Pinzón López; 5. Luis Eduardo Pinzón López; and 6.
José Alberto Pinzón López, and their next of kin:
Teresa López de Pinzón (mother),
Luz Mery Pinzón López (sister),
Esther Pinzón López (sister),
Sara Paola Pinzón López (sister) and
María Teresa Pinzón López (sister).
7. Diego Armando Martínez Contreras; 8. Hugo Fernando Martínez Contreras; and 9.
Gustavo Caicedo Rodríguez, and their next of kin:
Mariela Contreras Cruz (mother and wife, respectively),
Maryuri Caicedo Contreras (sister),
Gustavo Caicedo Contreras (brother) and
Rusbel Asdrúbal Martínez Contreras (sister)
10. José Roland Valencia and his next of kin:
Marina San Miguel Duarte (wife),
Vinda Valencia Sanmiguel (daughter),
Johana Valencia Sanmiguel (daughter),
Roland Valencia Sanmiguel (son) and
Ronald Valencia Sanmiguel (son).

On October 6, 1999 the Colectivo de Abogados “José Alvear Restrepo” and
the Center for Justice and International Law (hereinafter “the petitioners”) filed a
complaint before the Inter-American Commission.

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