INTER - AMERICAN COMMISSION ON HUMAN RIGHTS COMISION INTERAMERICANA DE DERECHOS HUMANOS COMISSÃO INTERAMERICANA DE DIREITOS HUMANOS COMMISSION INTERAMÉRICAINE DES DROITS DE L'HOMME ORGANIZATION OF AMERICAN STATES WASHINGTON, D.C. 2 0 0 0 6 USA February 11, 2011 Ref.: Case No. 12.688 Nadege Dorzema Guayubín Massacre Dominican Republic Mr. Secretary: I am pleased to address you on behalf of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights in order to file Case No. 12.688, Nadage Dorzema et. al. (Guayubín Massacre) v. the Dominican Republic (hereinafter “the State”, “the Dominican State” or “Dominican Republic”) before the jurisdiction of the Honorable Inter-American Court of Human Rights. The State ratified the American Convention on Human st th Rights on January 21 , 1978 and accepted the contentious jurisdiction of the Court on March 25 , 1999. The Commission has designated Commissioner Rodrigo Escobar Gil, and Executive Secretary Santiago A. Canton, as its delegates. Likewise, Elizabeth Abi-Mershed, Deputy Executive Secretary; Karla Quintana Osuna and Isabel Madariaga, attorneys of the Executive Secretariat of the IACHR, have been designated to serve as legal advisors. In accordance with Article 35 of the Rules of Procedure of the Inter-American Court, the Commission is enclosing a copy of Merits Report No. 174/10, prepared in compliance with Article 50 of the American Convention, as well as a copy of the entire file before the Inter-American Commission (Appendix I.) The Merits Report of November 2, 2010, was notified to the State by means of communication of November 11, 2010. After granting an extension, the IACHR determined that the term had elapsed and the State had not complied with the recommendations. Mr. Pablo Saavedra Alessandri, Secretary Inter-American Court of Human Rights P.O. Box 6906-1000 San José, Costa Rica Enclosure

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