climate of threats and intimidation, as well as murders and disappearances of
human rights defenders who carry out activities in the area, and
there is a context of risk for women, especially those engaged in human
rights activities and those who actively denounce cases of violence against
women in the known context of the area.
The activities of Luz Estela Castro Rodríguez as a human rights defender in the
State of Chihuahua presented by the Commission, namely:
Mrs. Luz Estela Castro is the founder and director of the Women’s
Human Rights Center (CEDEHM), an organization concerned with the issues of
femicides, forced disappearances, extrajudicial executions, domestic and sexual
violence and human rights defenders. She is also the founder and leading
lawyer of the organization known as “El Barzón”, which mainly works on issues
related to environmental and water rights. Mrs. Luz Estela Castro is also the
Founder of the organization Justicia para Nuestras Hijas (Justice for Our
Daughters), concerned with the issues of femicide and human trafficking, and
she works as a lawyer both at the national and international level, in
defense of other human rights defenders who have received threats and whom
she has supported in accessing the inter-American system. Thus, Mrs. Luz
Estela Castro:




supports the litigation of the case of Paloma Angélica Escobar v.
Mexico, and measures of protection in favor of her mother;
led the request for precautionary measures
in favor of two
members of the Commission for Solidarity and Defense of Human
Rights, an organization that monitors human rights violations in
Sierra Tarahumara and Ciudad Juárez;
led the request for precautionary measures in favor of the Director
of the Human Rights center of Paso del Norte, who monitors
human rights violations in Ciudad Juárez;
supports the request for precautionary measures in favor of two
leaders of the organization “Bowerasa” which defends the rights of
indigenous peoples. One of the leaders for whom precautionary
measures were requested was murdered in March 2010. The other
leader still has precautionary measures;
led the action to file a complaint for the death of Marisela
Escobedo on December 16, 2010, a well-known human rights
defender who publicly denounced the murder of her daughter and
also worked intensively on the search for justice in that case. Also,
Mrs. Luz Estela Castro has closely monitored the investigations
opened into this matter. This search for justice is one of the
activities that prompted a series of statements which place her in
a situation of extreme risk in the context described, and
she is a petitioner in the provisional measures ordered by the
Court in the Matter of Alvarado Reyes et al. v. Mexico, and in the
case regarding these measures which is currently being processed
before the Inter-American Commission.

As to the precautionary measures granted by the Inter-American Commission,
on June 13, 2008 the Commission issued precautionary measure number MC 147-08 in
favor of a group of human rights defenders belonging to the organizations “Nuestras
Hijas de Regreso a Casa” (Return Our Daughters) and to CEDHEM, and among the
beneficiaries was Mrs. Luz Estela Castro Rodríguez.

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