TABLE OF CONTENTS I. INTRODUCTION OF THE CASE AND PURPOSE OF THE DISPUTE II. PROCEEDINGS BEFORE THE COURT III. PRELIMINARY OBJECTIONS A. “Inadmissibility of the application owing to failure to exhaust domestic remedies” B. “Inadmissibility of the application owing to expiry of the time frame for the report under Article 50 of the American Convention” C. “Partial Inadmissibility of the application owing to the ‘fourth instance’ principle” D. “Incompetence ratione temporis of the Court” D.1) Regarding the alleged violations to the detriment of Mr. González Medina D.2) Regarding the alleged violations to the detriment of Mr. González Medina’s family Paragraph 1-6 7-13 14-61 16-24 25-35 36-41 42-61 42-54 55-61 IV. COMPETENCE 62 V. MEDIDAS PROVISIONAL MEASURES 63 VI. EVIDENCE A. Documentary, testimonial and expert evidence B. Admission of the evidence B.1 Admission of the documentary evidence B.2. Admission of the statements of the presumed victims and the testimonial and expert evidence VII. RIGHTS TO PERSONAL LIBERTY, TO PERSONAL INTEGRITY, TO LIFE, AND TO RECOGNITION OF JURIDICAL PERSONALITY, IN RELATION TO THE OBLIGATION TO RESPECT AND ENSURE THE RIGHTS OF NARCISO GONZÁLEZ MEDINA A) Arguments of the parties and of the Inter-American Commission B) Proven facts C) General considerations of the Court D) Determination of the existence of the alleged forced disappearance and its subsistence at the time of the acceptance of the Court’s jurisdiction D.1 Alleged context at the time of the facts D.2 Influence of Narciso González Medina on Dominican society and public impact of his speeches and writings D.3 Surveillance of Mr. González Medina D.4 Testimony of those who declared that they had seen Narciso González Medina in State entities D.5 Failure to determine the whereabouts of Mr. González Medina and clarify the facts D.6 Alleged destruction and alteration of documents as part of the forced disappearance E) Alleged violations of Articles 7, 5(1), 5(2), 4(1) and 3 of the American Convention, owing to the forced disappearance of 2 64-81 65 66-81 66-78 79-81 82-195 83-86 87-124 125-134 135-173 137-144 145-150 151-154 155-164 165-170 171-173 174-195

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