these payments in the proportion and under the conditions set forth in paragraphs 75,
76, 77, 90, 114, 115, 116 and 117 of [the] Judgment.
2. That the State of Perú shall investigate the facts in the instant Case, identify and
punish those responsible and adopt the necessary domestic legal measures to ensure
that this obligation is fulfilled.
3. That the payments indicated in operative paragraphs 1 and 5 shall be made within six
months from the date of notification of [the] Judgment.
4. That any payment ordered in this Judgment shall be exempt from any existing or
future tax or duty.
5. To set the amount the State shall pay to the victim’s next of kin to reimburse them
for costs incurred in domestic legal proceedings at US$2,000.00 (two thousand United
States dollars) or its equivalent in the local currency of Perú.
6. That it shall oversee fulfillment of [the] Judgment.

The Orders of compliance with judgment issued by the Tribunal on June 1,
2001, November 27, 2002, and November 17, 2004. In the latter, the Court
ordered the State to present a report on the following matters:
follow up concerning the steps taken to investigate the facts of the instant case
and to identify and punish those responsible, since, on the basis of the information
provided, it is not possible to conclude that this obligation will, to date, have been
fulfilled in conformity with the decision of this Court (Operative paragraph two of the
Judgment on Reparations of November 27, 1998); and
efforts made to locate the mortal remains of Ernesto Rafael Castillo-Páez
(Judgment on the Merits of November 3, 1997).

To require the State to report, no later than January 31, 2005, on compliance
with the judgments on the merits of November 3, 1997, and on reparations of November
27, 1998.
To request the representatives of the victims and their next of kin, and the
Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, submit observations to the report of the
State mentioned in the preceding operative paragraph, within four and six weeks,
respectively, of receipt of the report.
To continue overseeing compliance with the judgments on the merits of
November 3, 1997, and on reparations of November 27, 1998.

The reports presented by the Republic of Perú (hereinafter “the State” or
“Perú”) on February 28, 2005, March 3, 2006, November 8, 2007, and September
17, 2008.

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