REPORT No. 176/10
CASES Nos. 12.576, 12.611 and 12.612
November 5, 2010



On August 15, 2003, April 13, 2005 and May 20, 2005, the Inter-American Commission
on Human Rights (hereinafter the “Inter-American Commission” or “the IACHR”) received three petitions
against the State of Chile (hereinafter the “State”, “Chile”, or the “Chilean State”) concerning the
convictions of a number of traditional authorities, leaders and activists of the Mapuche indigenous
people for crimes classified as terrorism under Law No. 18,314, which determines what acts constitute
terrorist offenses and the sentences they carry (hereinafter “Law No. 18,314” or the “Anti-Terrorism
Act”). The first petition was filed by the Mapuche Lonkos Segundo Aniceto Norín Catrimán and Pascual
Huentequeo Pichún Paillalao, represented by attorneys Rodrigo Lillo Vera and Jaime Madariaga de la
Barra; the second petition was lodged by Mr. Florencio Jaime Marileo Saravia, Mr. José Huenchunao
Mariñán, Mr. Juan Patricio Marileo Saravia, Mr. Juan Ciriaco Millacheo Lican and Ms. Patricia Roxana
Troncoso Robles; the third petition was filed by Mr. Víctor Manuel Ancalaf Llaupe, one of the Mapuche
traditional authorities, together with 69 traditional authorities, leaders and members of the Mapuche
indigenous people of Chile, and attorneys Ariel León Bacian, Sergio Fuenzalida Bascuñán and José
Alywin Oyarzún, all representing the alleged victim. The three petitions allege violation of numerous
rights recognized in the American Convention on Human Rights (hereinafter the “American Convention”
or the “Convention”).
On October 21, 2006, April 23, 2007, and May 2, 2007, the Commission approved
admissibility reports No. 89/06 , No. 32/07 and No. 33/07 , respectively, in which it concluded that it was
competent to take cognizance of the complaints filed by the petitioners. Based on the arguments of fact
and of law and without prejudging the merits of the case, it decided to declare the petitions admissible
with respect to the alleged violations of articles 8, 9, 13, 23 and 24 of the American Convention, in
relation to the general obligations set forth in articles 1(1) and 2 thereof.

In keeping with Article 17(2)(a) of the Rules of Procedure of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights,
Commissioner Felipe González, a Chilean national, did not participate in the decision on this petition.
1. Galvarino Reiman, 2. Eugenia Calquin, 3. Pablo Mariman, 4. María Teresa Panchillón, 5. Edmundo Antipani, 6. Jorge
Hueque, 7. Audiel Millapi, 8. Alfredo Seguel, 9. Ronny Leiva, 10. Rayen Huyeb, 11. José Millalén, 12. Sergio Caiquere, 13. Gabriela
Calfucoy, 14. Mirta Ñancuan Curihuinca, 15. Carmen Curihuentro Llancaleo, 16. Juan Carlos Palma Palma, 17. Aurelio Millahual
Chueuque, 18. David Huenupil Huenchuman, 19. Miguel Liguempi, 20. René Huenchuñir Hueraman, 21. Juan Yaupe Ancalao, 22.
Paulina Huechán, 23. Viviana Nahuelpan, 24. Javier Lienlat, 25. José Teca, 26. Luis Humbarto Marhuen, 27. Claudia Hueche, 28.
Tomas Pablo Antil, 29. Carlos Nahuelpani, 30. J.E. Huechan, 31. Antonio Marilaf, 32. Juan Segundo Huemfil, 33. Myriam
Sepúlveda, 34. Luis Quiritro, 35. Iván Muñoz Antileo, 36. Isaac Colicheo Quirilao, 37. Alberto Antipil, 38. Edgardo Chiguay, 39. Luis
Painequir Antillanca, 40. Tito Lienlaf Marilef, 41. Ernesto Caninllén, 42. José Manuel Guerrero, 43. Jorge Diaz, 44. Bladimir Iván
Catrileo, 45. Osvaldo Fuentes, 46. Rodrigo Flores, 47. Rodrigo Videla, 48. Guillermo Garcia, 49. Juan Carilao, 50. Juan Cona, 51.
Gladis Merino, 52. José Llancapán, 53. Luis Llancapan, 54. Fredy Avilch, 55. Héctor Llanquén, 56. Gloria Levil, 57. Soledad
Martínez Quicao, 58. Francisco Caquilpan, 59. Emilio Francisco Painemal, 60. Juan Painemal Huaiquinao, 61. Carolina Manque,
62. Juan Silva Painequeo, 63. Legario Lepumán Leumán, 64. Agustín Polma Rain, 65. Domingo René Cayupan, 66. Arsenio
Licayupan, 67. Alfonso Reimán Huilcmán, 68. Jorge Pichuñol Rainecura and 69. René Jefi Ojeda, all members of the Mapuche
indigenous people.
IACHR, Report No. 89/06 (Admissibility), Petition 619-03, Aniceto Norín Catrimán and Pascual Pichún Paillalao , Chile,
October 21, 2006.

IACHR, Report No. 32/07 (Admissibility), Petition 429-05, Juan Patricio Marileo Saravia et al., Chile, April 23, 2007.


IACHR, Report No. 33/07 (Admissibility), Petition 581-05, Víctor Manuel Ancalaf Llaupe, Chile, May 2, 2007.

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