Inter-American Court of Human Rights
Case of Alfonso Martín del Campo-Dodd v.
United Mexican States
Judgment of September 03, 2004
(Preliminary Objections)

In the Alfonso Martín del Campo-Dodd case,
The Inter-American Court of Human Rights (hereinafter the “Court” or the “InterAmerican Court”), composed of the following judges:
Alirio Abreu-Burelli, President ∗ ;
Sergio García-Ramírez, Judge;
Oliver Jackman, Judge;
Antônio A. Cançado-Trindade, Judge;
Cecilia Medina-Quiroga, Judge;
Manuel E. Ventura-Robles, Judge; and
Diego García-Sayán, Judge;
also present,
Pablo Saavedra-Alessandri, Secretary; and
Emilia Segares-Rodríguez, Deputy Secretary;
pursuant to articles 37, 56 y 58 of the Court’s Rules of Procedure (hereinafter the
“Rules of Procedure”), renders the following judgment on the preliminary objections
filed by the United Mexican States (hereinafter the “State” or “Mexico”).
On January 30, 2003, and pursuant to the provisions of articles 50 and 51 of
the American Convention on Human Rights (hereinafter the “Convention” or the
“American Convention”) the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights
(hereinafter the “Commission” or the “Inter-American Commission”) brought before
the Court the instant case against Mexico which originated in petition No 12.228,
received at the Secretariat of the Commission on July 13, 1998.


Judge Sergio García-Ramírez, of Mexican nationality, yielded the chair in the instant case to the
Vice President of the Court, Judge Alirio Abreu-Burelli, in conformity with Article 4(3) of the Rules of
Procedure of the Inter-American Court.

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