Inter American Court of Human Rights
Case of the Serrano-Cruz Sisters v. El Salvador
Judgment of September 9, 2005
(Interpretation of the Judgment of Merits, Reparations and Costs)

In the Case of the Serrano Cruz Sisters,
The Inter American Court of Human Rights (hereinafter “the Inter American Court”,
“the Court” or “Tribunal”), integrated by of the following judges∗:
Sergio García Ramírez, President;
Alirio Abreu Burelli, Vice-president;
Oliver Jackman, Judge;
Antonio A. Cançado Trindade, Judge;
Manuel E. Ventura Robles, Judge, and
Alejandro Montiel Argüello, Judge ad hoc;
Also present,
Pablo Saavedra Alessandri, Secretary, and
Emilia Segares Rodríguez, Assistant Secretary;
According to article 67 of the American Convention on Human Rights (hereinafter
called “the Convention” or “the American Convention”) and article 59 of the Court’s
Rules of Procedure (hereinafter “the Rules”), resolves regarding the request for
interpretation of judgment on the merits, reparations and costs entered by the Court
on March 1, 2005, in the Case of the Serrano Cruz Sisters (hereinafter “the
interpretation request”), brought by the State of El Salvador (hereinafter “the State” or
“El Salvador”) on June 26, 2005.
The Court entered judgment on the merits, reparations and costs, on March 1,
2005; in which it
6 votes for and one against, that:
The State violated the judicial guarantees and judicial protection enshrined in
articles 8(1) and 25 of the American Convention […], in conjunction with Article 1(1) of the

Judge Diego García-Sayán abstained from hearing the instant case pursuant to articles 19(2) of the
Statute and article 19 of the Court’s Rules of Procedure. Judge Cecilia Medina Quiroga informed the Court
that due to reasons of force majeur, she could not be present at the deliberations and signing of the instant

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