Inter-American Court of Human Rights
Case of Godínez-Cruz v. Honduras
Judgment of August 17, 1990

(Interpretation of the Judgment of Reparations and Costs)

In the Godínez Cruz case,
the Inter-American Court of Human Rights composed, in accordance with Article
54(3) of the American Convention on Human rights, of the following judges:
Héctor Fix-Zamudio, President
Rodolfo E. Piza E., Judge
Pedro Nikken, Judge
Rafael Nieto-Navia, Judge
Rigoberto Espinal-Irías, Judge ad hoc
Also present:
Manuel E. Ventura-Robles, Secretary
pursuant to Articles 67 of the American Convention on Human Rights (hereinafter
"the Convention" or "the American Convention") and 48 of its Rules of Procedure
delivers the following judgment on the request of the Inter-American Commission on
Human Rights (hereinafter "the Commission") for an interpretation of this Court's
judgment of July 21, 1989, assessing compensatory damages against the State of
Honduras (hereinafter "Honduras" or "the Government").
1. By note of September 29, 1989, received at the Inter-American Court of Human
Rights (hereinafter "the Court") on October 2, the Commission asked for a
clarification of the compensatory damages judgment delivered on July 21, 1989, in
the Godínez Cruz case.
2. The Commission invoked Articles 67 of the Convention and 48 of the Rules of
Procedure of the Court (hereinafter "the Rules of Procedure").
3. In its request, the Commission asks the Court, in order to protect the purchasing
power of the amounts of principal and interest that will accrue in the trust to be
established in favor of EMMA PATRICIA GODINEZ (CRUZ), to direct that said portion
of the damages be indexed in such a way as to ensure the stability of its purchasing

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