4 2. Decides to proceed with the consideration of the instant case. 14. By Order of the President of August 18, 1993, the Government was asked, at the Commission's request, to submit the records of eight different domestic proceedings in Colombia and other documentation related to this case. The Government submitted said documentation by means of communications of November 15 and 19, 1993, and February 7, 1994. 15. By note of March 24, 1994, the Government informed the Court of the protection provided to María Nodelia Parra-Rodríguez, the companion of Isidro Caballero-Delgado, by the Administrative Department of Security (hereinafter "DAS") of Colombia. 16. By means of a note dated April 22, 1994, the Government submitted the list of witnesses to be summoned by the Court to appear at the public hearings on the merits of the case. Later, by note of October 26, 1994, the Government partially modified that list. The Inter-American Commission, by notes of April 27, November 17, and November 28, 1994, submitted the list of its witnesses and requested that the testimony of Rosa Delia Valderrama be taken in Colombia due to her poor state of health. Upon the agreement of the Government, the President, by Order of July 18, 1994, named Professor Bernardo Gaitán-Mahecha as the expert representing the Court. On October 15, 1994, the Professor oversaw the questioning of Mrs. Valderrama which was conducted by representatives of the Government and the Commission. 17. On July 18, 1994, the President summoned the parties to a public hearing, to begin on November 28 of the same year, to receive the testimony of the witnesses named by the parties and the arguments on the merits of the case. That order was partially modified by the President on November 15, 1994 in order to replace two of the proposed witnesses of the Government and to summon the new witnesses named by the Government. 18. From November 28 to December 1, 1994, the Court held public hearings on the merits of the case and heard the closing arguments of the parties. There appeared before the Court For the Government of Colombia: Jaime Bernal-Cuéllar, Agent Gerardo Barbosa-Castillo, Counsel Jaime Lombana-Villalba, Counsel For the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights: Leo Valladares-Lanza, Delegate Oscar Luján Fappiano, Member Manuel Velasco-Clark, Attorney of the Secretariat

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