5 Gustavo Gallón-Giraldo, Assistant Tatiana Rincón, Assistant José Miguel Vivanco, Assistant Juan E. Méndez, Assistant Witnesses presented by the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights: Zoilo Javier Jerez-Medina María Nodelia Parra-Rodríguez Elizabeth Monsalve-Camacho Elida González-Vergel Ricardo Vargas-López Javier Páez Guillermo Guerrero-Zambrano Luis Alberto Gil-Castillo Víctor Enrique Navarro-Jiménez Witnesses presented by the Government of Colombia: Armando Sarmiento-Mantilla Manuel José Cepeda-Espinosa Hernando Valencia-Villa Luis Alberto Restrepo-Moreno Juan Salcedo-Lora. 19. On December 7, 1994, at the request of the Commission, the Court ordered provisional measures requiring that the Government adopt those measures necessary to protect the lives and personal integrity of Gonzalo Arias-Alturo, Javier Páez, Guillermo Guerrero-Zambrano, Elida González-Vergel and María Nodelia ParraRodríguez. By means of communications of December 8, 1994, March 7 and 8 and August 11, 1995, the Government informed the Court of the measures taken in compliance with this order. 20. By note of December 19, 1994, the Government sent the Court a copy of the records of the proceedings in progress in Colombia concerning the disappearance of Isidro Caballero-Delgado and María del Carmen Santana.

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