Order of the
Inter-American Court of Human Rights
of July 9, 2009
Case of the Pueblo Bello Massacre v. Colombia
(Monitoring Compliance with Judgment)

Having Seen:
The Judgment on Merits, Reparations, and Costs issued on January 31, 2006
(hereinafter “the Judgment”) by the Inter-American Court of Human Rights
(hereinafter “the Court”, “the Inter-American Court”, or “the Tribunal”) notified in its
totality to the Republic of Colombia (hereinafter “the State” or “Colombia”) on February
27, 2006, through which the Tribunal decided that:
The State must take forthwith the necessary measures to activate and complete
effectively, within a reasonable time, the investigation to determine the responsibility of all
the participants in the massacre, as well as that of those responsible, by act or omission, for
the failure to comply with the State’s obligation to guarantee the violated rights, in the
terms of paragraphs 265 to 268 and 287 of [the] judgment.
The State must adopt the pertinent measures to ensure that the human rights
violations committed are effectively investigated in proceedings that guarantee judicial
rights, in order to avoid the repetition of such grave facts as those that occurred in the
Pueblo Bello massacre. Every six months, the State must inform the Court about the
measures adopted and results achieved, in the terms of paragraphs 269 and 287 of [the]
The State must adopt forthwith the pertinent measures to seek and identify the
disappeared victims and return their mortal remains to their next of kin and also pay their
burial expenses, within a reasonable time. To this end, it must complete the actions
undertaken to recover the remains of the persons disappeared, as well as any others that
are necessary and, to this end, it must use all possible technical and scientific measures,
taking into account the pertinent international norms, in the terms of paragraphs 270 to
273 and 287 of [the] judgment.
The State must guarantee that, irrespective of the actions indicated in the
preceding operative paragraph, the respective official entities use these international norms
as part of their equipment in the search for and identification of persons disappeared or
deprived of life, in the terms of paragraphs 270 and 271 of [the] judgment.
The State must provide medical and psychological care, as applicable, to all the
next of kin of the 37 persons disappeared and the six deprived of life who require this, as of
notification of the […] judgment to those who have already been identified and, as of the
time when they are identified, in the case of those who have not yet been identified, and for
the time necessary, in the terms of paragraphs 274 and 287 of [the] judgment.

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