Order of the
Inter-American Court of Human Rights*
of February 3, 2010
Case of the Serrano-Cruz Sisters v. El Salvador
(Monitoring Compliance with Judgment)


The Judgment on the Merits, Reparations and Costs (hereinafter “the
Judgment”) rendered by the Inter-American Court of Human Rights (hereinafter “the
Inter-American Court,” “the Court” or “the Tribunal”) on March 1, 2005.
The Orders on compliance with the Judgment issued by the Court on
September 22, 2006 and July 3, 2007. In the latter, the Court declared that it would
keep the proceedings open to monitor compliance with the following obligations which
remained unfulfilled:
a) to carry out an effective investigation into the reported facts in this case, identify and punish
those responsible and conduct a genuine search for the victims, and eliminate all the obstacles
and mechanisms de facto and de jure which prevent compliance with said obligations in the
instant case, using all possible measures available, either through the criminal proceedings or
other appropriate measures, and to publicize the result of the criminal proceedings (sixth
operative paragraph of the Judgment […]);
b) to establish a national commission to trace the young people who disappeared during the
armed conflict when they were children, with the participation of civil society; creation of a
search web page; and creation of a genetic information system (seventh operative paragraph of
the Judgment […]);
c) to create a genetic information system [in order to obtain and store] genetic data that can
help establish the identity and relationship of the disappeared children and their next of kin
(seventh operative paragraph of the Judgment […]);
d) to provide free of charge, through its specialized health institutions, the medical and
psychological treatment required by the next of kin of the victims, including the medicines they
require, taking into consideration the health problems of each one of them after making an
individual evaluation, and to inform the next of kin of Ernestina and Erlinda Serrano-Cruz in
which health centers or specialized institutes they will receive such medical or psychological
care, and provide them with the treatment. If Ernestina and Erlinda Serrano-Cruz are found
alive, the State must also provide them with the aforesaid medical and psychological treatment
(eleventh operative paragraph of the Judgment […]);
e) to create a web page to find disappeared persons (seventh operative paragraph of the

Judge Diego García-Sayán excused himself from hearing this case pursuant to Article 19(2) of the
Statute and the then Article 19 (now Article 21) of the Rules of Procedure of the Court; therefore, he did not
participate in the issuance of the Judgment or this Order. Consequently, as provided by Article 4(2) of the
Rules of Procedure, Judge García-Sayán relinquished the Presidency to the Vice President of the Court, Judge
Leonardo A. Franco, acting President in the instant case.

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