INTER - AMERICAN COMMISSION ON HUMAN RIGHTS COMISION INTERAMERICANA DE DERECHOS HUMANOS COMISSÃO INTERAMERICANA DE DIREITOS HUMANOS COMMISSION INTERAMÉRICAINE DES DROITS DE L'HOMME ORGANIZACIÓN DE LOS ESTADOS AMERICANOS WASHINGTON, D.C. 2 0 0 0 6 EEUU October 30, 2013 Ref.: Case No. 12.794 Wong Ho Wing Peru Mr. Secretary: I am pleased to address you on behalf of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights in order to file Case No. 12.794 Wong Ho Wing v. Peru (hereinafter “the State”, “the Peruvian State” or “Peru”) before the jurisdiction of the Honorable Inter-American Court of Human Rights regarding a series of rights violations against Mr. Wong Ho Wing, a national of the People’s Republic of China, from his arrest on October 27, 2008, and throughout the extradition process that remains ongoing to date. In its merits report the Commission found that Mr. Wong Ho Wing was and continues to be subjected to an arbitrary and excessive denial of his freedom that is not justified by procedural requirements and that has continued for more than five years under “provisional arrest” with no final ruling on his legal situation. The Commission also concluded that in the different stages of the extradition proceedings, the domestic authorities were responsible for a series of omissions and irregularities in processing the case, and in receiving and assessing the alleged guarantees extended by the People’s Republic of China. The Commission found that in addition to violations of several aspects of due process, those omissions and irregularities constituted a failure to uphold Mr. Wong Ho Wing’s right to life and right to humane treatment. The Commission also found that since May 24, 2011, the date on which Peru’s Constitutional Court ordered the executive branch to refrain from extraditing Mr. Wong Ho Wing, the country’s authorities have been in a state of noncompliance with a court order that is incompatible with the right to judicial protection. The Peruvian State ratified the American Convention on Human Rights on July 12, 1978, and it accepted the Court’s contentious jurisdiction on January 21, 1981. Mr Pablo Saavedra Alessandri, Secretario Inter-American Court on Human Rights Apartado 6906-1000 San José, Costa Rica

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