Inter-American Court of Human Rights
Case of Loayza-Tamayo v. Peru
Judgment of November 27, 1998
(Reparations and Costs)

In the Loayza Tamayo Case,
the Inter-American Court of Human Rights, composed of the following judges:
Hernán Salgado-Pesantes, President
Antônio A. Cançado Trindade, Vice President
Máximo Pacheco-Gómez, Judge
Oliver Jackman, Judge
Alirio Abreu-Burelli, Judge
Sergio García-Ramírez, Judge
Carlos Vicente de Roux-Rengifo, Judge;
also present:
Manuel E. Ventura-Robles, Secretary, and
Víctor M. Rodríguez-Rescia, Deputy Secretary ad interim,
pursuant to articles 29, 55 and 56 of the Rules of Procedure of the Inter-American
Court of Human Rights (hereinafter "the Court", "the Inter-American Court" or "the
Tribunal"), in relation to Article 63(1) of the American Convention on Human Rights
(hereinafter "the Convention" or the "American Convention") and in compliance with
the Judgment of September 17, 1997, enters the following judgment on reparations
in the case brought by the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (hereinafter
"the Commission" or "the Inter-American Commission") against the Republic of Peru
(hereinafter "Peru" or "the State".)


Under the terms of articles 62 and 63(1) of the Convention, the Court has
jurisdiction to decide on the payment of reparations and costs in the instant case,
inasmuch as Peru ratified the American Convention on July 28, 1978, and recognized
the Court’s contentious jurisdiction on January 21, 1981.

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