Valle, Félix José Padilla Geromes, John Power, Miguel Ángel Calzadilla, José Domingo
Blanco, Jhonny Donato Ficarella Martín, Norberto Mazza, Gladys Rodríguez, María Arenas,
José Vicente Antonetti Moreno, Orlando Urdaneta, Edgar Hernández, Claudia Rojas Zea,
José Natera, Aymara Anahi Lorenzo Ferrigni, Carlos Arroyo, Ana Karina Villalba, Wilmer
Escalona Arnal, Carla María Angola Rodríguez, José Iniciarte, Guillermo Zuloaga Núñez and
Alberto Federico Ravell. On February 27, 2004 the Commission adopted the Report on
Admissibility N° 07/04, by which it admitted such petition. Afterwards, on October 26,
2006, the Commission adopted the Report on Merits N° 61/06 under the terms of Article 50
of the Convention, which made certain recommendations to the State.2 On April 12, 2007,
the Commission decided, under the terms of Article 51(1) of the Convention and 44 of its
Rules of Procedure, to bring the case to the Jurisdiction of the Court, on the grounds that
the "State did not adopt the recommendations made in [its] report". The Commission
appointed Mr. Paulo Sergio Pinheiro, Commissioner, Mr. Santiago A. Canton, Executive
Secretary, and Ignacio Álvarez, the then Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Expression as
Delegates and Ms. Elizabeth Abi-Mershed, current Deputy Executive Secretary, Mr. Juan
Pablo Albán Alencastro, Ms. Débora Benchoam and Silvia Serrano as legal advisors. Mr.
Ariel E. Dulitzky and Mrs. Alejandra Gonza, who are not longer officers of the Commission,
were also appointed as legal advisors.
The facts presented by the Commission referred to a series of actions and omissions
which occurred between October 2001 and August 2005, consisting of statements made by
public officers, acts of harassment and physical and verbal assault, as well as hindrance to
broadcast, committed by State agents and private individuals, to the detriment of forty-four
(44) people associated with Globovisión television station, among them, reporters,
associated technical supporting staff, employees, executives and shareholders, and also to
certain investigations and criminal proceedings initiated or conducted at the domestic level
in relation to those facts.
The Commission asserted that the alleged victims were subjected to different attacks
due to the fact that they sought for, received and imparted information and that the State
did not adopt the measures necessary to prevent the acts of harassment, neither it
investigated and punished the responsible with due diligence. The Commission requested
the Court to declare that the State is responsible for the violation of the rights enshrined in
Articles 5 (Right to Humane Treatment), 8 (Right to a Fair Trial), 13 (Right to Freedom of
Thought and Expression) and 25 (Right to Judicial Protection) of the American Convention,
in relation to the general obligation to respect and ensure the human rights embodied in
Article 1(1) of said treaty, to the detriment of these forty-four alleged victims.3 As a result
of the above mentioned, the Commission requested to the Court that the State be required
to take certain measures of reparation and reimburse costs and expenses.

In the Report on Merits, the Commission concluded that Venezuela "is responsible for the violation of the
right to humane treatment (Article 5), freedom of expression (Article 13), right to a fair trial (Article 8) and right to
judicial protection (Article 25) of the American Convention, in relation to the general obligation to respect and
ensure the human rights enshrined in Article 1(1) therein. Finally, the Commission made certain recommendations
to the State (record on merits, Volume I, page 11)


The alleged victims in this case are Aloys Emmanuel Marín Díaz, Ana Karina Villalba, Aymara Anahí
Lorenzo Ferrigni, Beatriz Alicia Adrián García, Carla María Angola Rodríguez, Gabriela Margarita Perozo Cabrices,
Gladys Rodríguez, Janeth del Rosario Carrasquilla Villasmil, Jhonny Donato Ficarella Martín, Jesús Rivero Bertorelli,
José Vicente Antonetti Moreno, María Cristina Arenas Calejo, Martha Isabel Herminia Palma Troconis, Mayela León
Rodríguez, Norberto Mazza, Yesenia Thais Balza Bolívar, Angel Mauricio Millán España, Carlos Arroyo, Carlos
Quintero, Edgar Hernández, Efraín Antonio Henríquez Contreras, John Power, Jorge Manuel Paz Paz, José Gregorio
Umbría Marín, Joshua Oscar Torres Ramos, Wilmer Jesús Escalona Arnal, Ademar David Dona López, Alfredo José
Peña Isaya, Carlos José Tovar Pallen, Felipe Antonio Lugo Durán, Félix José Padilla Geromes, Miguel Ángel
Calzadilla, Oscar Dávila Pérez, Ramón Darío Pacheco Villegas, Richard Alexis López Valle, Zullivan René Peña
Hernández, José Rafael Natera Rodríguez, Oscar José Núñez Fuentes, Orlando Urdaneta, Claudia Rojas Zea, José
Inciarte, Alberto Federico Ravell Arreaza, Guillermo Zuloaga Núñez and María Fernanda Flores Mayorca.

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