Order of the
Inter-American Court of Human Rights
of November 27, 2007
Case of Blake v. Guatemala
(Monitoring Compliance with Judgment)

The Judgment on the merits delivered in the instant case by the InterAmerican Court of Human Rights (hereinafter, the “Court”, the “Inter-American
Court” or the “Tribunal”) on January 24, 1998, 1 whereby it was declared, in the
operative paragraphs three and four, that:
[…] the State of Guatemala is obliged to use all the means at its disposal to investigate
the acts denounced and punish those responsible for the disappearance and death of
Mr. Nicholas Chapman Blake.
[…] the State of Guatemala is obliged to pay a fair compensation to the relatives of Mr.
Nicholas Chapman Blake and reimburse them for the expenses incurred in their
representations to the Guatemalan authorities in connection with this process.

The Judgment on the reparations delivered by the Court in the instant case on
January 22, 1999, 2 in which it was decided:
To order the State of Guatemala to investigate the facts of the present case,
identify and punish those responsible, and adopt the measures in its domestic law that
are necessary to assure compliance with this obligation (in conformance with operative
paragraph three of the Judgment on the merits), of which it will inform the Court,
semiannually, until the end of the corresponding actions.

To order the State of Guatemala to pay:
US $151,000.00 (one hundred and fifty-one thousand dollars of the
United States of America) or its equivalent in Guatemalan national currency, to
Richard Blake, Mary Blake, Richard Blake Jr., and Samuel Blake, as the injured
party, as reparations, to be distributed in the manner indicated in th[e]



Case of Blake v. Guatemala. Merits. Judgment of January 24, 1998. Series C No. 36.
Case of Blake v. Guatemala. Reparations (Article 63(1) American Convention on Human Rights).

Judgment of January 22, 1999. Series C No. 48.

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