Order of the
Inter-American Court of Human Rights
of July 7, 2009
Case of Blanco-Romero et al. v. Venezuela
(Monitoring of Compliance with Judgment)

Having seen:
The Judgment on the Merits, Reparations and Costs (hereinafter “the Judgment”)
delivered by the Inter-American Court of Human Rights (hereinafter “the Inter-American
Court” or “the Court”) on November 28, 2005 by means of which it ordered the State of
Venezuela (hereinafter “the State”) to comply with the following:
[…] to carry out investigations and effective, unbiased judicial proceedings on the three
forced disappearances involved in the instant case, leading to the truth of the facts and the
punishment of those responsible therefor, as per paragraphs 94 to 98 and 116 of the […]
[…] to adopt such measures as may be necessary to establish the whereabouts of Messrs.
Oscar José Blanco-Romero, Roberto Javier Hernández-Paz and José Francisco Rivas-Fernández as
soon as possible. Should they be found dead, such measures are to be directed at delivering their
remains to their next of kin for burial as the latter may deem appropriate. Should this be the case,
the State is to provide the conditions required to convey the victims’ remains to such place as may
be determined by their next of kin, and to give them decent burial at no expense for such next of
kin, as per paragraphs 99 and 116 of the […] Judgment.
[…] to publish once, within the term of six months as from notice hereof, in the Diario
Oficial (Official Gazette) and in another national daily newspaper with national coverage, the
Section of the instant Judgment called Proven Facts, without its footnotes, paras. 54 to 65 in the
Section of the […] Judgment called Merits, and the operative paragraphs (infra para. 125) herein,
as per paragraphs 101 and 116 hereof.
In line with the provisions of Articles 7(6), 25 and 2 of the American Convention on
Human Rights, the State is to pass such legislative or other measures as may be required in order
for writs of habeas corpus to be effectively processed in Venezuela in cases of forced
disappearance, as per paragraphs 104 and 116 hereof.
[…] to adopt, within a reasonable time period, such measures as may be necessary to
reform its criminal laws so as to bring them in line with the international standards on the
protection of individuals in connection with the forced disappearance of persons, as per paragraphs
105 and 116 of the […] Judgment.
[…] to include, as part of the education and training courses for the officers of the Armed
Forced and the Office of the Sector Director General of the Intelligence and Preventive Services
Bureau, a program regarding the principles and rules of human rights protection, particularly the
prohibition against forced disappearance, torture and disproportionate use of force, taking into
consideration the case-law of the Inter-American System for the Protection of Human Rights, as a
mechanism to prevent the recurrence of events such as the ones in the instant case, as per
paragraphs 106 and 116 of the […] judgment.
[…] to adopt the essential measures required to facilitate minor Aleoscar Russeth BlancoIriarte’s departure from Venezuela, as per paragraphs 107 and 116 of the […] Judgment.

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