The State shall provide, free of charge, through its specialized health care
facilities, the medical treatment required by the victims, including, inter alia, any necessary
medication. The State shall also create a specialized program of psychological and
psychiatric treatment, which shall also be provided free of charge, as set forth in
paragraphs 106 to 108 and 117 of [the] Judgment.
The State shall provide adequate housing to the surviving victims who reside in
the village of Plan de Sánchez and require the same, as set forth in paragraphs 105 and
117 of [the] Judgment.
The State shall implement the following programs in the communities of Plan de
Sánchez, Chipuerta, Joya de Ramos, Raxjut, Volcanillo, Coxojabaj, Las Tunas, Las Minas,
Las Ventanas, Ixchel, Chiac, Concul and Chichupac: a) study and dissemination of the
Maya-Achí culture in the affected communities through the Guatemalan Academy of Mayan
Languages or a similar organization; b) maintenance and improvement of the road
systems between said communities and the municipal capital of Rabinal; c) sewage system
and potable water supply; d) supply of teaching personnel trained in intercultural and
bilingual teaching for primary, secondary and comprehensive schooling in these
communities, and e) the establishment of a health care center in the village of Plan de
Sánchez with proper personnel and conditions, and also training for the personnel of the
Rabinal Municipal Health Care Center so that they may provide medical and psychological
care to those who have been affected and who require this kind of treatment, as set forth
in paragraphs 109 to 111 and 117 of [the] Judgment.
The State shall make the payments for pecuniary damage to each of the victims
in this case, as set forth in paragraphs 72 to 76 and 117 of [the] Judgment.
The State shall make the payments for non-pecuniary damage to each of the
victims in this case, as set forth in paragraphs 80 to 89 and 117 of [the] Judgment.
The State shall make the payment for costs and expenses incurred in the
international proceedings to the Centro para la Acción Legal en Derechos Humanos (Center
for Legal Action on Human Rights, CALDH), as set forth in paragraphs 116, 117 and 119 of
[the] Judgment.
The State shall pay the total amount of the compensation ordered for pecuniary
damage, non pecuniary damage, and costs and expenses specified in [the] Judgment,
which shall not be subject to any tax, levy, or charge, now existing or hereafter imposed.
The State shall comply with the measures of reparation and reimbursement of
expenses ordered in [the] Judgment within one year following notice thereof, unless
otherwise specified.
Should the State fall into arrears, interest shall be paid on any amount due at the
Guatemalan bank default interest rate, as set forth in paragraph 123 of [the] Judgment.
The Court shall monitor full compliance with [the] Judgment and the instant case
shall be closed once the State has fully complied with the provisions laid out [t]herein.
Within one year of the date of notice of [the] Judgment, the State shall furnish the Court
with a report on the measures adopted in compliance therewith, as set forth in paragraph
124 of [the] Judgment.

The reports on the progress towards compliance with the Judgment submitted
by the State of Guatemala (hereinafter “the State” or “Guatemala”) on June 29, 2005;
October 3, 2005; November 14, 2005; December 14, 2005, December 19, 2005;
January 13, 2006; January 24, 2006; January 25, 2006; February 6, 2006; April 26,
2006; January 30, 2007; February 19, 2007; September 6, 2007; August 14, 2007;
and November 6, 7, and 21, 2007.
The comments on the State compliance reports submitted by the
representatives of the victims (hereinafter “the representatives”) on July 7, 2005;

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