children; (ii) the establishment of a community center, that would be a women’s center, in
the community of Barranca Tecoani; (iii) the adoption of measures to ensure that the girls
of the community of Barranca Tecoani who attend school in the city of Ayutla de los Libres
are provided with certain facilities so that they can continue receiving their education, and
(iv) the payment of the amounts established for pecuniary and non-pecuniary damage, and
costs and expenses.
The representatives based this condition on the possible increase in the lack of
security and the risk to Mrs. Fernández Ortega, and to her family and her community, which
would occur if “information [is provided] concerning the granting of a direct benefit of a
monetary or other nature to the victims or their community […].” They stated that “the
collective or community dimension of certain measures of reparation requires a process of
communicating the measures, and their collective assessment and discussion in the
communities. This process is being implemented […] and could be affected by the
publication of determined aspects of [the judgment] and of certain measures of reparation.”
Lastly, they emphasized that, if the Court finds that this request cannot be implemented as
requested by Mrs. Fernández Ortega, “the Court should consider that [she] does not
consent to the said publications being made.”
In this regard, the Court observes that the consent given by Mrs. Fernández Ortega
for the implementation of the measures established in paragraph 247 of the judgment has
been made conditional on partial publication; in other words, eliminating specific
information that is unrelated to the object of the question raised by the Court, and that is
not in keeping with the provisions of the judgment in the instant case. Notwithstanding the
foregoing, the Court notes that Mrs. Fernández Ortega has not consented to the said
publications and, consequently, orders that this process of monitoring compliance with
judgment be considered ended in relation to those measures of reparation.
in exercise of its authority to monitor compliance with its decisions under Articles 68(1) of
the American Convention on Human Rights, and 31(1) of its Rules of Procedure,
That, in accordance with the second and third considering paragraphs of this order,
Mrs. Fernández Ortega has expressly given her consent for the State to implement the
following measures established in the judgment:
a) Publication of the results of the investigations and proceedings conducted by the
State in the context of the instant case, and
b) Broadcast by a radio station with coverage in Guerrero of the public act
acknowledging international responsibility for the facts of the case.
That, as established in the fourth to sixth considering paragraphs of this order, Mrs.
Fernández Ortega has not consented to the implementation of the following measures
established in the judgment:

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