2 3. The briefs dated April 5, 2004; April 12, 2005; April 24, 2006; September 15, 2006; and November 1, 2007, through which the State of Colombia (hereinafter “the State” or “Colombia”) submitted information on the status of compliance with the judgment on the merits and the judgment on reparations and costs issued in this case. In its last brief, the State reported: regarding monetary reparations: a) with regard to the payment of interest accrued on arrears for Mrs. Ana Vitelma Ortiz, the State reported that by Order of the Ministry of National Defense, dated February 22, 2006, it “reliquidated and ordered the payment” of the interest to the beneficiary in the amount of $2,517,202.19 Colombian pesos, amount which was delivered through representatives; b) regarding the transfer of half the amount for the reparations to be included in the Term Certificate of Deposit in dollars of the United States of America and its yield up through the date of its expiration, to the account that will be opened in the name of minor Ingrid Carolina Caballero Martínez, the State reported and submitted documentation on the consignments made to the beneficiary in her savings account in Bancolombia. The State asserts that they were made in the following way: i. on February 17,2006, $58,890,000.00 Colombian pesos were deposited; ii. on February 23, 2006, $32,751.90 Colombian pesos were deposited for returns on exchange rate differences; and iii. on February 28, 2006, $120,457.00 Colombian pesos were deposited for yields; c) as to investment in a new Certificate of Deposit (hereinafter, “CD”) in dollars of the United States of America in the amount corresponding to half the reparations and yields included in the CD that expired on September 1, 2004, in the name of the representatives of Iván Andrés Caballero Parra, the State reported that a one-year extension was authorized by the Trust of account No. 673204010 of Bancafé Internacional. In addition, the State submitted information on the CD’s terms, including the exchange rate for renewing the CD and the yield, and noted that the “CD will remain in Bancafé Internacional until maturation and until Iván Andrés Caballero becomes an adult.” regarding the investigation and punishment of those responsible for the disappearance and presumed death of the victims: d) that “there is right now an active investigation in the Human Rights Unit of the State Prosecutor’s office”; e) that “since 2005, the Ministry of Foreign Relations has been requesting that the Attorney General of the Nation examine the possibility of filing an appeal for review of the decisions of acquittal that have been issued” on the facts of this case. In that regard, the State said that “there have been meetings with the Attorney General of the Nation, the State Prosecutor, and

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