80 and 82 of the judgment as compensation for pecuniary damage (thirteenth operative
paragraph of the judgment);
To pay to the next of kin of Oscar José Blanco Romero, Roberto Javier Hernández Paz
and José Francisco Rivas Fernández, within one year, the amounts established in paragraphs
88 and 89 of the judgment, as compensation for non-pecuniary damage (fourteenth
operative paragraph of the judgment), and
to pay, within one year, the amount established in paragraph 115 of the judgment, for
costs and expenses incurred in the domestic sphere and during the international
proceedings before the inter-American system for the protection of human rights; this
amount to be delivered to Alejandra Josefina Iriarte de Blanco, Teodora Paz de Hernández
and Nélida Josefina Fernández Pelicie (fifteenth operative paragraph of the judgment).
3. That it will keep open the proceeding for monitoring compliance with the above pending

The brief of October 13, 2009, in which the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela
(hereinafter “the State” or “Venezuela”) provided information on compliance with
judgment (supra having seen paragraph 1).
The brief of December 9, 2009, of the representatives of the beneficiaries
(hereinafter “the representatives”) in which they presented their observations on the
State’s report (supra having seen paragraph 3), and also the representatives’ brief of
October 22, 2010, in which they submitted additional information.
The brief of January 20, 2010, of the Inter-American Commission on Human
Rights (hereinafter “the Commission” or “the Inter-American Commission”) in which it
presented its observations on the State’s report (supra having seen paragraph 3).
The Secretariat’s note of October 20, 2010, in which, on the instructions of the
President of the Court, Venezuela was requested to submit another report by December
6, 2010, at the latest, on the measures taken to comply with the pending obligations
ordered by the Court in the judgment (supra having seen paragraph 2), as well as the
Secretariat’s notes of February 11, May 30, June 22 and October 3, 2011, in which, on
the instructions of the President, Venezuela was again asked to forward the report that
had been requested in which it should refer also to the observations of the
representatives in their brief of October 22, 2010 (supra having seen paragraph 4). At
the date of issue of this order, the State’s report has not been received.
One of the inherent attributes of the jurisdictional functions of the Court is to
monitor compliance with its decisions.
Venezuela has been a State Party to the American Convention on Human Rights
(hereinafter “the American Convention” or “the Convention”) since August 9, 1977, and
accepted the binding jurisdiction of the Court on June 24, 1981.
In accordance with the provisions of Article 67 of the American Convention, the
State shall promptly and fully comply with the judgments of the Court. Likewise, Article
68(1) of the American Convention stipulates that “[t]he States Parties to the Convention
undertake to comply with the judgment of the Court in any case to which they are


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